questions to ask before hiring a landscaping company

A Few things you should ask before hiring anyone for landscaping design

Our professionals live their lives dedicated to protecting our clients’ garden in Pasadena on a special way, home gardens increased by 4 million to 37 million households back in 2013 which means that new generations are also garden fans, the problem begins when the person does not have the time to be doing the work by themselves thanks to technology and software platforms such as now it is much easier for clients to receive help, and advice from professionals such as Universal Landscaping in Pasadena Ca

Does gardening increase home value?

Having a trustworthy company that can help you with yard maintenance will never be an expense, it is the opposite, it is an investment that when selling or trying to rent the property takes place,a beautiful gardening allows you to demand more dollars from your new buyers or tenants in Pasadena California

how much will landscaping increase home value?

A well-kept garden is an investment, not an expense, it will give your property greater value since the garden is part of the property. The question that many home and business owners ask is how much additional value a well-kept garden brings. The answer is that it may vary depending on the type of landscaping and the original price of the property. However, we have found information that the value that a good garden can provide is from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent.

How important is that i ask the right questions before landscaping

As you already know, the phrase Gardening services in Pasadena is a very important phrase, because it is the moment when you will take the step of choosing a landscaping company in Pasadena.

  • Are you bonded and fully insured?

    It is the first question that should be asked, landscapers know that it is a basic tool to have insurance and a license, for the reason that they will be at some point moving heavy plants and using machinery around the house
  • How can i find your customers reviews on google?

    Obtaining this information, could be one of the most important things when making a decision, this information will allow you to see not just comments from past and active clients, but you can also find more gallery of works done by the company and look at the age of those posts, that way you will know if they have experience, if they are recommended and how long they have in the business.

  • Can you provide a drawing of your plans?

    When it comes to custom landscaping projects, it is important that the landscaping company can show you with a hand-drawn or digitized drawing, what they will be doing for you, that way, you make sure they understand what you are requesting. as customer

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