Concrete Polishing

Is Concrete Polishing an Ideal Option for Homes with the Elderly?

Concrete flooring is affordable but upgrading it for a fresh look is a bit costlier for many homeowners. They try different options and methods for upgrading concrete flooring at the lowest cost. But unfortunately, there are only a few that can upgrade your concrete flooring without hitting your pocket hard. One of them is concrete polishing. 

Polishing densifies and seals the concrete flooring, transforming it into tightened flooring. The tightness in the floor repels water, oil, and other contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the surface. Other than affordability, concrete polishing is one of the strongest ways to upgrade concrete flooring. 

In every way, concrete polishing is an ideal option. But, people staying with the elderly are doubtful about the same. They think concrete polishing is slippery and not safe for the elderly. They fear that severe accidents might occur if the floors are polished.     

In this post, we will discuss if the concrete flooring is actually slippery or if it’s just a misconception. 

There are three conditions to explain this:

When the polished concrete flooring is dry 

In concrete polishing, the surface is compressed by pushing the molecules closer together. This is why the end product is slightly porous. When polished concrete flooring is clean and dry, it provides grip as much as regular concrete. As a result, the foot traction is better than other flooring options, such as marble and linoleum. It means polished concrete flooring isn’t slippery. 

When the polished concrete flooring is wet 

Surprisingly, polished concrete is not slippery even when it’s wet. And it’s all because of the way water interacts with the porous surface. The interaction provides a bit of extra grip for one’s shoe. Though water doesn’t get wiped off from the porous surface of polished concrete flooring, it isn’t slippery. You will only find a temporary damp spot on the flooring. If the dampness is properly treated, the floor wouldn’t be slippery at all. 

When the polished concrete flooring is dusty 

This is one condition when polished concrete flooring is slippery. Whether it’s a dry powder or fine dust, it glides over the surface of the polished concrete, making it difficult and dangerous for people to walk on. So, if you think your home attracts more dust, you shouldn’t opt for concrete polishing. This can be problematic for you as well as your family members, especially the elderly. 

How can you make your polished concrete flooring slip-resistant?

By keeping your polished concrete flooring clean and dry, you can make it slip-resistant. There should be no dampness or dust on the floor. You should quickly treat dampness and make sure it doesn’t appear again. The best thing is you should avoid water-logging on the floor. The drainage should be proper. 

Other than this, you should use good quality materials for concrete polishing and get it done professionally. Low-quality materials can deteriorate quickly and make the concrete flooring slippery. Most importantly, you should keep the polished concrete flooring well-maintained. You should take all the necessary steps and repair the damages as soon as possible. 

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